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Jean Rimbaud Details

Jean Rimbaud


Vagabond, Scout, Targeteer, Veteran, Champion, Outlaw


66 76 60 61 66 34 31 34 3 21 6 6 4 0 10 0


Animal Care (34), Concealment (71), CK (Bretonnia) (44), CK (Empire) II (54), CK (Elves) (44), Dodge Blow III (81), Follow Trail (34), Gossip (34), SL (Battle Tongue) (34), SL (Ranger Tongue) II (44), Swim (60), Perception III (54), Navigation II (54), Outdoor Survival II (44), Performer (Storyteller) (34), Ride (66), Scale Sheer Surface (66), Search (34), Set Traps (66), Silent Move III (96), SL (Bretonnian) (44), SL (Reikspiel) (44), SS (Ranger) (34), SS (Scout) (34)


Rover, Marksman, Seasoned Traveller, Sure Shot (ignore 1AP), Orientation, Rapid Reload, SWG (Longbow), Sharpshooter, Mighty Shot, STI, SMB, Lightning Reflexes, Lightning Parry, Night Vision, Sixth Sense


Woodwalker Armour, enchanted leather armour that looks like scale armour with each scale being made up of leaf. When the wearer stands still the leaves shuffle quietly and the user blends into the natural background around them.

Rimbaud found this armour in the woods and felt that he should take it. The armour is inhabited by the spirit of the Wood Elf Glamatarion, Glamatarion was an elven defender in life and is eager to have Rimbaud murder the humans that are pursuing him.

Hand Weapon (Battle Knife), Longbow (Armour Piercing)


Rimbaud was born a Bretonnian and grew up in the woods and villages that border Bretonnia and the Empire. As a teenager he entered the entourage of an Imperial Noble. Initially serving as a scout and skirmisher he displayed a talent for deadly ambushes. His lord decided to try and gain the Emperor’s favour by mustering a large force in response to a call to arms to repel one of the Empire’s frequent invaders.

The noble died of disease on his way to battle and his entourage and hired soldiers, far from home, had the choice of deserting or being absorbed into Imperial Army. Rimbaud actually liked the travel and camaraderie of the army, he liked the fierce fighting against the countless enemies of man. Discovering the enemy, taking them by surprise and destroying them was, for Rimbaud, the same kind of activity as solving a puzzle or breeding plants and animals is for other men.

His bravery, battlefield cunning and merciless punishment of the inhumans led to ever more promotions, rewards, commendations and medals. He didn’t care that the season’s call to arms had become a never-ending march across the Empire, countering one foe then another. Years had passed and Rimbaud was a member of an elite brotherhood of Imperial warriors. Those whose faith, duty and honour were unimpeachable, hard men who could range against the enemy beyond the borders for months.

It was as part of this elite that Rimbaud took part in the desperate fighting to stop and eventually defeat the incursion known as the Storm of Chaos. The immense battles finally broke down the unit and the man. The unnatural and obscene creatures of the Incursion, the vile lacerating magic unleashed during its course. The band of proud men were whittled down to a whisper of itself and the nagging knowledge that while the Chaos forces had been routed they had not been defeated in any decisive sense.

Rimbaud did not so much choose to leave the army as have it disappear around him. Unable to relate to those who had not experienced the years of war and the atrocities of the incursion, lacking a patron with the funds and will to provide him with work Rimbaud fell back into the wandering lifestyle of his earliest years. Drifting from one forest village to the next, enjoying the dark dangerous solitude of the woods he had been raised in.