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Carnel 39

Jean Rimbaud: A Violent Tragedy

A group of mercenary Road Wardens, veterans of the Chaos Invasion, are drafted into the hunt for murderer and madman Rimbaud who has fled into the forests. As the pursuit takes them deeper into the woods and paths of madness, rage and revenge begin to converge they must pick a side in this dangerous conflict.

This is a write up of a scenario I wrote and ran for TimConVII.


Early versions of this issue were sent without a copy of Rimbaud's information sheet. The contents of the sheet are available here if you do not have it.


  • Kolonhoff: a model village in the west of the Empire 
  • Rimbaud in town and the Sheriff's Story: Rimbaud's encounter with the Sheriff of Kolonhoff
  • Rimbaud in the Wilderness: Rimbaud's escape
  • The Hunt for Rimbaud: Locations and Incidents
  • Resolutions and possible sub-plots 

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27/11/2009 17 copies

Subpages (1): Jean Rimbaud Details