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Carnel 37

This issue was produced to coincide with TimCon VII.


  • Editorial Ranting
    • A quick overview of what is happening with various projects followed by opinion on how common GM decisions are mishandled.
  • The Mechanics of Madness
    • A look at the good and the bad of rules system that cover madness
  • In Search of the Narrative Heart of WFRP
    • An attempt to discuss the heart of the WFRP narrative with some reference to some adaptations of Perilous Adventure I am working on.
  • Words of Advice for Con Scenarios
  • Feeling Alternative
    • A look at some alternative settings and rule systems that invoke that gothic fantasy feeling.
  • In Praise of Outbuildings
    • A plea to look outside the "big house" when looking for venues to set scenes in fantasy games.

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28/11/2008 4
10/12/2008 5